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Cipro canine side effects

cipro canine side effects
effects Have you or someone close to you been infected with mononucleosis? Then you’ll likely want to know more about this common illness. Affecting anyone, from children to adults, mono can make you feel undeniably fatigued for weeks as well cause you to suffer from a mild fever, loss of appetite and a host of other mono symptoms.

There are various treatments available that can help the symptoms of mono and get you back on your feet again. But monos recovery may take a while and complications do sometimes occur. Mononucleosis complications can include issues such as jaundice, chronic mono, and meningitis, among other ailments.

If you’ve never had infectious mononucleosis, you may be concerned about your risk of getting it. Mono is passed through saliva, which is why it is known as the “kissing disease” but kissing is not the only way to contract it. Learning more about the virus, how it gets passed and what you can do to prevent it will help you stay healthy for a long time to come.


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