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Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
September 10 2006
I am copying below a few interesting cases where I have used Arnica with success. It will be observed that some of the ailments that I have used this remedy for are not listed in the Materia Medicas currently in use and this has attracted a lot of criticism for me for having used it in what has been termed a Non Classical manner which according to some protagonists of the classical school can lead to dangerous consequences.

I have the pleasure of recording however that I have never had any reports of any dire consequences following the use of this amazing remedy and all the patients whom I have treated have been grateful that I have helped them in a manner that no one had helped them before.

Arnica 30c is the classical remedy to help cure wounds.

I have used Arnica 30c which I discovered was better than the 6c for the last 10 years every night or more often in the case of need like after surgery. I believe that I owe to it my sense of wellness. I do not have any ache or pain in my body and I have proved that it is to Arnica that I owe my BP 120/80 with pulse 65 at age 76. I invite others to use it and to record their response to this remedy.

I have used Arnica myself after my Retropubic Prostatectomy and can confidently recommend it for use after any major surgery. When I regained consciousness I noticed the Morphine syringe attached to the IV line and promptly ordered it removed to the consternation of the nursing staff and the surgeon, who warned me that I could even suffer from a major shock due to the pain without the morphine. I stated that I will use my Arnica alone to control the pain and they were very surprised to note that I was relatively free of pain after a few hours. I was able to leave my bed on the third day without any pain medication except for the Arnica I used every 2 hours at first and every 3 hours later. I was discharged on the 5th day and walked to my car. They were all amazed at my extremely quick recovery in 2002 when I was 73 years old.


I would like to recount my experience yesterday December 4 2008, with my surgery.

I woke up around 4.30AM as my surgeon had instructed me to not eat any food or drink after 5.00AM. After breakfast I took 4 pellets Arnica 30c sublingually and repeated 2 doses of 2 pellets each till 11.00AM when I was wheeled to the theater.

The surgery took just over half hour and after I recovered from the general anesthesia and was returned to my room, I took 2 pellets every 2 hours and was surprised that I was able to get out of bed and walk to the toilet within 3 hours post surgery. I was later given the usual antibiotic and noticed another tablet which I was supposed to take and upon inquiry I discovered that it was Diclofenac Sodium 50mg, the standard pain medication given post Op. I refused to take it and informed the nurse that I was already using my own Homeopathic pain medication, Arnica.

It was the total absence of pain that I was impressed with and my surgeon and the nurses were surprised that I did not require the Diclofenac Sodium 50mg pain medication. My surgeon was quite impressed with the pain relief that Arnica gave me and I gave him the balance of the pellets which I had in a little glass vial which he wished to experiment with. I walked to my car about a hundred meters from my room and walked up the stairs at home to my room and did not experience any acute pain at all.

It is my hope that members who read this account will also use Arnica in the manner described and experience a very fast recovery from the trauma of post surgical pain.

I used Sabal S 6c when I discovered that I was allergic to Hytrin that was prescribed for my BPH. I changed over to Sabal S and Conium but discovered when I used Arnica for a slight wound that it was far superior to the other remedies I used for BPH and I stayed with it from 1996 up to today.

It amazes me how this remedy that I have given over 20 patients who were suffering from the after effects of the TURP (trans urethral resection of the prostate) surgery who were incontinent due to some misadventure on the part of the Uro who had obviously damaged the sphincter muscle in the neck of the bladder. Arnica gave more time between visits to the toilet and in many cases it stabilized the incontinence in a few months. Others use it on a twice daily basis. Always in the water dose.

I have used it for many years on every overseas trip. Dosage is 1 teaspoonful taken 3 times on the day before departure. Dry doses to be taken every 3 hours on board and 3 times on the day after arrival.

The patient gradually lost motor control of his hands and feet for about a year and was confined to either his bed or a chair where he was placed by his children. Drugs that were prescribed were not effective. This case was referred to me and my response was an act of faith on my  part in giving him Arnica 1M which I gave him in the water dose. He was completely cured in 2 months. The dosage used was 1 teaspoonful (capful) twice daily. He is now quite mobile and does not use the remedy any more.

I used Arnica 1M dose 1 tsp daily in the case of a 75 year old who was showing signs of Alzheimer’s and he showed perceptible improvement in 2 weeks which was continued thereafter. He is now permanently on the Arnica. Dose 1 tsp daily.



Patient used Arnica 30c and discovered that her damaged toe nail was returned back to normal in a few months.

I have used it very often when the patient complains of general body pain (not arthritic). It is also useful for chronic back pain due to previous injuries. Sciatica is also helped by a twice daily dose.

Almost everyone who has taken 1 teaspoonful of this remedy in the water dose prior to sleep has noticed the deep unbroken sleep that they experienced during the night. They wake up quite refreshed with a zing in their steps.

I have used it in over 30 cases some of which were chronic for over 10 years and within a week, the patient is usually cured. The success rate is better that 80%. I recommend that the remedy is continued but those who did not do so after about 3 months do not use it anymore and can be considered permanently cured. The skin condition after this time resembles Vitiligo especially in the chronic cases which had eroded the melanin in the skin which does not regenerate but there is no discomfort or itchiness.

I have also applied the water in which a few pellets of Arnica 6c are dissolved in a spoon directly on the lesion which accelerates the healing process.

I first used this remedy for a 78 year old lady who was suffering from recurrent reinfection of her legs. She had been to hospital every 6 months on 3 occasions for about a week each time where she was treated with the most powerful antibiotics which left her drained out like a rag. When she came out on the last occasion I gave her Arnica 30c in the water dose and she takes 1 teaspoonful before sleep. She was also an insomniac and now enjoys deep sleep and for the last 2 years she has not suffered from any reinfection from her Cellulitis. I have also used it for 3 other patients also in the same age group who had been hospitalized at least twice before in each case and they do not have any reinfection after many months or years. The Arnica seems to help by increasing the blood flow in the capillaries under the skin which in turn prevents reinfection. They have however to be on one dose of Arnica permanently.

I would refer to the many posts on the ABC forum where I have been advocating the use of Arnica 6c for hair growth. The success rate has been better than 80%.

Many who were using Nitroglycerine on a SOS basis sublingually have been able to replace the drug with Arnica 30c in the Wet Dose taken twice daily. They have all confirmed that they do not suffer from Angina any more.

It is however important that the patient has his Blood Pressure and Lipid Profile checked regularly.

I used Arnica in many cases that were not responding to Bryonia 30 which is my default remedy for headaches and it worked well to relieve chronic headaches.

I am treating a boy who is now 9 years for the last 6 years who is a Haemophiliac with Arnica 6c for internal bleeding when he suffers from any fall or bump which causes a swelling and pain usually on his joints. The Arnica helps to dissipate the blood and reduces the swelling. I have given him Lachesis 200c for open cuts which bleed profusely and this arrests the bleeding in about 15 minutes. Prior to this therapy the boy had to be rushed to hospital for a drip after every fall or cut when he was treated with Hemofil M  given IV.

Hundreds of teenagers have benefited by the use of Arnica 30c. I can vouch personally for its efficacy to control styes which I used to get weekly with painful results.

Prevents their formation.

Removes them in a week

The ultimate remedy.

I believe that it helps to dissipate the swelling of the synovial fluid which causes pain. I treat the Arthritis with Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum 200c to alleviate the pain both taken in the wet dose.

I have many patients who have certified that it works like a charm !

Helps to alleviate the swelling and pain. This remedy is only effective as soon as the tonsils show signs of discomfort. Chronic cases have to be treated with an antibiotic. This remedy controls the formation of Tonsiloliths but it has to be taken on a daily basis to be effective in this control.

I consider that this is easily the most important discovery I have made and which was made quite accidentally in 2005 when I gave Arnica 6c to a Doctor who was also an MD who was a Type I Diabetic to help cure a chronic non healing wound. He informed me on the day after he took 2 doses that his Blood Sugar had dropped drastically and refused to use it anymore as he felt that it was some mysterious medicine which he did not wish to experiment with as he was already on Insulin which he injected himself 4 times daily. I then gave this remedy to two Type II Diabetics and discovered that they had the same reaction when their BS dropped considerably similar to the drop caused by Metformin. Since that time I have prescribed it to hundreds of patients in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world and they have confirmed a significant drop in their Blood Sugar levels. A case in point was a Diabetic whom I treated recently who presented a BS level of 535 for which he was treated with Metformin which resulted in Dermatitis which was oozing. I gave him Arnica 6c in the Wet dose and his BS level came down to 100 overnight. He is now on Arnica 6c alone and is able to maintain his BS levels without Metformin.

Many patients with High Blood Pressure have confirmed that they are able to control their ailment without resorting to the usual drugs prescribed to control BP. I have also added Nat Mur 6x taken twice daily to treat patients who presented higher BP’s.

Many Alcoholics have confirmed that they lose their craving for that next drink within a few days of starting on this remedy. Many have been able to stay dry for months after starting on the remedy which is taken twice daily.

I have received reports from chronic Chain Smokers who have in some cases been smoking 40 cigarettes per day that after a few days on Arnica 30 they noticed a marked decrease of their craving for a smoke. A few smokers have been able to quit the habit.

Reduced brown spots on her upper cheek bone which she had from 1996 in just 2 days.

Improvement in eyesight of both husband and wife who discovered that they do not need spectacles to watch TV.

Arnica 30c in the Wet Dose taken twice daily retards the progress of a Cataract and some cases have been reported of patients whose cataract has not “matured” even 15 years after it was first diagnosed. It is important however that treatment is commenced as early as possible with Arnica after a Cataract is first diagnosed.

This was the case of a 50 year old lady who had uncontrollable bleeding for 2 weeks which was arrested within a few hours after the first dose of Arnica 30c


Patient confirms that he was able to stop using Statins in 7 months.


Praveen Wadhwa (Girilal) reported a few weeks ago that he had observed that Arnica 6c suppresses a hangover.

I would like to place on record that I have used Arnica every day since 1996. I can personally vouch for the fact that it is absolutely safe in daily use and can be considered a great blessing to those who use it regularly every night. Many who have met me cannot believe that I am 81 years old (in 2010) as they invariably estimate my age at 15 to 20 years younger than I really am. My skin does not show any signs of aging and my BP is 120/80 with pulse 65.

I have no doubt that I owe my present state of wellness to Arnica.

Re: Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
June 4 2008
I would like to add an article by Udaya Kumar on Arnica which he contributed on another thread which is relevant to this article.

This article is very informative and it is my hope that others who have experienced the benefits of Arnica will also contribute towards increasing the information that we have today on this amazing remedy Arnica.

Re: Pain after dental surgery
By: udaya kumar

June 3 2008

“Quite frankly I must admit that I too am confused as to how a remedy that thins the blood can heal in so many ways after surgery but the fact is that it does so.”

Dear Joe,

I have been addressing this doubt often.

i. Thinning of blood means removing the impurities in it. How?…. is not our question here. After regular use of Arnica the blood becomes purer than before is the truth.

ii. Arnica has the power to remove blood clots. In a clot, blood becomes thick. When Arnica acts, it thins it and allows its flow or dry up.

iii. Pain is felt when there is stoppage of movement of air. When blood flow is restricted or blocked, air flow also is restricted or blocked. Water or liquid or blood cannot flow in an area where air cannot reach. By thinning the blood these snags are cleared and blood flows, and the flow of the blood is again caused by the element air.

iv. We should not forget here that Water contains only two elements. Both those elements are air. That is H2O(Hydrogen and Oxygen). Any liquid contains element of water and therefore contains element of air. Blood is not an exception. Therefore the cause of blood flow is oxygen and hydrogen. It flows with it as well as it cause to flow it. Otherwise why should we breathe throughout day and night and all year around. The  water element in the body and the air element in the body are thus inextricably interlinked in its functions. The blood carries the air in it and the air causes the flow of the blood. Rheology tells us that in order for anything to flow it should have less viscocity. When blood is thinned not only its viscosity is reduced, its density also is brought down closer to water where more Oxygen atoms can be present, which is a healthy fluid for circulation.

v. When you are undergoing a surgery, a wound is created which stops the free air passage which from one side of the bank of the wound to the other side of the bank of the wound. Therefore pain is felt. Pain is also a defense mechanism communicated by other neurotransmitters to the brain and conveyed back to tell you that air is not passing there and therefore all movements in that area has been abolished which needs to be addressed. We gives medicines to address that. Arnica happens to be our medicine here. Which in fact not only repairs the area but makes the blood thin and allow it to pass through those clogged nerve fibers or damaged nerve fibres. Water and other liquids finds its way always when the dirts inside it are cleaned. Otherwise it stagnates. If we don’t give Arnica or similar medicines, the wound stagnates just the same way like a pond with dirt stagnates. Its function to me a appears very vivid and clear.

vi. That is why I maintain ether contains air,fire, water and earth; air contains ether, fire water and earth; fire contains, ether air, water and earth, water contains ether air, fire and earth,; Earth contains ether, air, fire, and water., If we had said five hundred years ago that Water contains air people would have been laughing at us. But now we know that its constituents are H2O. Similarly when I say Fire contains water people would laugh at me unless they are conscious of the fact that water is air in a certain proportion. Knowing is forgetting, knowing is not awareness or consciousness. We must be seeing our watch a hundred times a day for time but we may not be aware or conscious about what are the digits inside our watch whether they are 1,2,3, or simply some markings. We may probably have to look at it to confirm, unless we are person like me who wear only watches showing 1,2,3, digits.

vii. Most of the ailments of human beings have its root in autointoxication. First the drainages are clogged. Constipation, no persiperation, dysmenorrhea are sufficient to put toxins into the blood, imbalancing the liver, and kidney. Kidney is ryhthemically connected with the heart and therfore the toxins from inability of kidneys also find its way into the heart through the blood. Arnica when it thins the blood are working against constipation, absence of persiperation, dysmenorrhia, and scarce urine. Thinning of blood here should not be construed as diluting the blood. Thinning of blood means purification of blood. I am seeing the benefits of Arnica in the methods used by you. However, I shall be failing if I don’t record here that Arnica in usual homeopathic doses i.e. in globules or in little amount of water, used in excess, in high doses for prolonged period, or used completely out of place, or beyond cure, does give antidotable discomforts. I have not seen anyone reporting discomforts after using Arnica 30 in the way you prescribe. I think it is a good beginning and so acknowledged.

viii. And last of all why is 70% of the earth is oceans and seas and water and 70% of the body is fluid. Because they are the macrocosm and the microcosm and evolved out of the same proportion of nuclear fusion. And why is the ocean and sea always on the move, because the external air (wind) as well as the air inside the water are the kinetic forces behind it. Similarly, the air we breathe and the air in the blood constitutes the kinetic forces for movement in the microcosm i.e, our being or losely speaking our body.

Re: Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 28 2008
I am adding this post by Ravi Prasad which I came across on the ABC as it is relevant to the information on Arnica on this thread.

Why ‘Joepathy’ works in many cases
From rajivprasad on 2006-10-15

Dear Joe,

First of all, let me express my admiration for you as a compassionate human being.I am sure you may remember that i have appreciated your efforts in the past too.

But in the example above cited, the patient was cured by a dose of Pulsatilla 200 which you had suggested.Pulsatilla is one of the main remedies in homeopathy for the rubric “worse by heat”, and hence cured.It was simple homeopathy and not ‘Joepathy’, which i believe is associated with Arnica, Nat. Phos. & Nat. Sulph.

I have for long thought to share some of my thoughts on why your prescriptions appear to work in a number of cases.I think it is the right time to do so.

Arnica, as everyone knows is the number one remedy for the shock of a trauma, whether the trauma is physical or mental.The reason is that it has a tendency to increase the flow of oxygen to the site of trauma.In case of physical trauma, to the site of injury, and in case of mental shock, to the affected part of the brain.That is why it is one of the leading remedies in the cases of brain haemorrhage too.Evn when a person is very fatigued after very severe hard work, a dose of Arnica brings a calming influence and takes away the fatigue due to increased oxygenation in the blood.What is happening in your case is that due to your old age (which causes poor oxygenation due to old age) and your hard working routine (which must be causing a lot of internal wear and tear at the cellular level), Arnica acts like a kind of ‘superficial similimum’ and tones you up so to speak ensuring nice sleep etc.Arnica is one of the main remedies that Dr.Parimal Banerjee (one of the greatest homeopaths that India has ever produced with the world record of having treated over 1.5 million people in his time) recommends for high blood pressure.The reason is again very simple to see.Arnica naturally pushes the blood flow, and causes the heart to relax a bit in confirmed cases of hypertension.In such cases, hypertension is the disease condition to which Arnica acts as a ‘superficial similimum’.In fact, your experiment on your own self has definitely encouraged me to conduct some experiments of my own.These experiments were inspired by you.My father-in-law was suffering from gangrene of his right toe, which was in danger of being amputated.I asked him to take the wet dose of Arnica 30 and to apply Arnica Q dilution externally.The condition was healed in two months.The reasonis simple enough.The Arnica caused the highly oxygenated blood to reach the gangrenous toe.So yes, your self proving of Arnica is valuable to the homeopathic community, but more care should be taken in prescribing.There should be circumstances calling for Arnica, rather than prescribing it left, right and center to all comers.Even young people.That could cause a proving.

Nat. Phos. is a noted remedy for GERD and acidity.But it works on the Schussler’s biochemic principle.But why does it in some cases cause a reduction in weight loss?I will try to explain.Nat. Phos. (this is biochemic theory and not a homeopathic one) is the main biochemic remedy to restore the acid-base order in the body.An enhanced acid level in the body indicates that a great portion of the sugar metabolism in the body is taking place via fermentation which is due to the presence of anaerobic bacteria in very high quantities.These bacteria generate a high toxic load which teh liver is then unable to process out of the body.So it causes the body to generate a lot of fat to dissove and store the water insoluble toxins.With Nat. Phos., the acidity is reduced and hence the detoxification starts at a rapid pace in cases such as those above.This causes the fat which was generated to store the toxins in the first place, to be released and dissolved.

Nat. Sulph. is the most important homeopathic remedy in cases of asthma worse in damp places or in areas near the seashore.Colombo is near the sea and hence the high rate of success in curing asthma cases there with Nat Sulph.If Joe would read Von Grauvogl and his description of the usefulness of Nat. Sulph. in asthama cases in hydrogenoid (Grauvogl’s term for people who suffer from excess of water in their body) constitutions, he would realize why it works in these cases.And why it does not work in some cases where he needs to resort to Arsenic, Blatta etc.

Any way.These discussions are only going to enhance everyone’s knowledge and hence keep them flowing.

With warm regards to Joe and everyone else,


Re: Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
December 12 2008
I am copying a post by Maya Hari on the ABC on Arnica which is of interest.

Re: The Arnica Miracle continues
From maya_hari on 2006-09-09

Dear Joe. Here is an article from which agrees with you fully.

Arnica Montana
Known for its mind and body healing properties, the herb Arnica has been harvested for centuries from the mountain pastures and lowland marshes of Europe and North America. The perennial plant with orange-yellow, daisy-like flowers has a pleasant spicy smell and is renowned for its curative and restorative powers. The flowers and rootstocks are dried, the most valuable part being the flowers. This amazing herb, sometimes brewed as a tea, but often made into a lotion and infused with oil or cream for injuries such as falls, is a known homeopathic cure for stress, impotence, sleeping problems, baldness and emotional shock and trauma caused by past incidents.
Arnica once almost completely disappeared because of over harvesting but is now grown and gathered sustainably to ensure that the herb remains in use for future generations. Arnica Montana is now available for general use.
It is estimated that 70 per cent of our immune response is emotional; to be unhappy or depressed lowers our resilience to illnesses and we become more susceptible. Arnica Montana, taken daily when necessary, will help to prevent this occurring. A sudden death of a family member or friend, a prolonged illness, business worries, the stress of working and running a home, working long hours, struggling to pay the bills or worrying about other’s problems are things many people have experienced.
Arnica Montana can help to heal emotional and mental stresses.
Homeopathy’s founder, Samuel Hahnemann discovered in his experiments with the herb Arnica over 200 years ago that it could relieve emotional and mental problems caused by past trauma. Hahnemann discovered that by taking Arnica, other remedies would work better because the body was in a balanced state, and that further healing could take place. It is as a homeopathic remedy used internally where it has far greater healing powers.
Hahnemann, pioneering a system still used by homeopaths today, experimented with Arnica on hundreds of subjects and discovered its powers were vast, particularly in the realm of emotional trauma. He asked his human subjects – unaware of what they were taking – to note the effects of Arnica over a long period of time. He found it helped heal everything from baldness and impotence to incontinence, cramps, bruises, general soreness, forgetfulness, travel sickness, sleeping problems, gout, rheumatism and emotional problems.
Arnica was made into a homeopathic remedy in the 18th and 19th centuries following Hahnemann’s research. Today, Arnica Montana is the first remedy used by homeopaths to heal people affected by shock, trauma or injury to the body, and is as appropriate for a mental, emotional or spiritual shock as much as physical injuries.
In first aid homeopathy Arnica Montana is safe to use as often as is necessary. Hahnemann found that illnesses relieved by Arnica included:
• mental or emotional symptoms,
• stupor, forgetfulness, memory loss,
• delirium
• hopelessness and indifference
• a fear of being struck by others or of being touched
• vertigo
• severe headaches
• mechanical injuries resulting from concussion, skull fractures or compression of the skull
• meningitis after concussion, bruising or falling where there was partial paralysis of the tongue, iris or limbs
• eye inflammation
• retinal hemorrhage
• eye troubles resulting from blows and injuries
• hardness of hearing since concussion
• nose bleeds
• toothache
• bad breath
• vomiting blood and soreness after injuries
• indigestion
• offensive flatulence
• diarrhoea and bladder problems
• fevers
• dysentery
• acid urine
• swollen penis and testes after injury
• threatened abortion from falls or shocks
• soreness after labour and birth
• sore nipples
• asthma from fatty degeneration of the heart
• coughing causing bloodshot eyes or nosebleeds
• pleurisy after injuries
• strain of the heart from violent running
• fatty degeneration of the heart
• low pulse rate
• paralytic pains in all joints while moving
• feeling too hot or too cold between frequent attacks of violent convulsions
• general sinking of strength
• sleep apnoea
• chills • malaria
• Typhoid conditions
• concussions and contusions
• septicemia
• gout and rheumatism
• skin tender when touched
• sprains
• bee or wasp stings
• compound fractures
• pressure from stitches
• boils
• recent or remote trauma
• sore muscles
• neuralgia
• twitching tendons and muscles
• osteomyelitis,
• surgical operations,
• anguish attacks
• angina
• easily frightened
• ear problems
• stomach cramps
• impotence
• breast tumours after injury
• respiratory ailments
• palpitations
• neck pain
• hand strength
• bed sores
• sleeping problems
• nightmares
• fever
• chills
• travel sickness
• tumours following injury
• violent coughing and sneezing
• chronic bronchitis
• bitter taste in mouth
• baldness
• toothache
• stiffness weariness of the limbs.

What makes Arnica Montana work?
The herb has excellent healing effects but it is not known which substances are responsible for them.
Arnica Montana contains 0.1 per cent volatile oil containing thymol and thymol ether in the florets. Other components are alcohols (arnidiol and faradiol), flavone glycosides and carotenoid pigments.
The constituents in the stems, leaves and rootstocks have a different composition from those in the florets.
The nonirritant extract is used in anti inflammatory and regenerative creams and in hair cosmetics. The extract can also be used in cleansing creams, skin lotions and as an ingredient in facial steams before the application of face packs.

Re:Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: deepa
January 13 2009
Arnica 200 helped me from getting rid of bleeding during preganacy and saved me from an abortion during both the time of my pregnancy

Re:Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: deepa
January 13 2009
Dear Dr. Joe,
I read that Arnica is of various use ; my husband is dectected that his heart ejection fraction is reduced to 26% due to high triglicirides of 266 and smoking and stress level; he is under alopathic medication under the cardiologist, will arnica help him, his Bloor sugar seems imbalanced aswell, if he is not careful in eating it shoots up and he is suffering from extreme situation of burping, kindly help,

Re: Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
January 13 2009
I am grateful to you for having confirmed that “Arnica 200 helped me from getting rid of bleeding during preganacy and saved me from an abortion during both the time of my pregnancy ”

If I was prescribing for your problem I would have suggested the 30c but I am happy to note that the 200c helped you to overcome your immediate problem.

For your husband it is obvious that he must QUIT smoking if he wishes to survive. You may like to know that Arnica has helped many but the patient must also cooperate in the effort. You can read the notes on how Arnica helped smokers on this thread.

Arnica will help with his Triglycerides and Cholesterol which you have not referred to, which I presume is also very high. Please note that he will not see any immediate reduction but this should be noticed in about 3 months when there is usually a reduction of both levels which will continue as long as he takes the Arnica which he can take in the 30c potency in the Wet dose 3 times daily. His burping can be helped with Nat Phos 6x dose 3 tablets taken 3 times daily after meals.

Re:Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: deepa
January 14 2009
Thank you Dr. Joe for the quick reply; with god’s grace he quit smoking;

I need to buy Arnica 30C and put 2 drops in 500ml spring water and shake 50 times till it bubbles and give i teaspoon 3 times” am i correct”? Kindly advice,
is it better to buy Nat Phos 6X which is a factory prepared branded one or prepared by the shop then and there?
does he need to take any other medicine along with this too, and will it work if he continue with the alopathic medicines
what other care he needs to take?

Re: Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 20 2009
I am copying below a thread entitled “Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood” on the link below which I feel would serve to increase the information on Arnica which I have been promoting for some years as a remedy which I would recommend to anyone who would like to enjoy a state of wellness far beyond what can be achieved by taking daily doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, tonics and perhaps even drugs on a regular daily basis merely to feel well.

Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 9 2009
I am copying below an extract from a statement made by a member which emphasizes the popular belief which has also been medically proved that Arnica thins the Blood.

“Yesterday, I went to give some of my blood as a precautionary measure in anticipation of the surgery and I noticed that the supervisor seemed somewhat impressed at the speed with which the blood was filling the blood pouch. Immediately, I thought about the Arnica wet dose that I had started some time earlier. Does it mean that the blood was more liquified? By the way, could it be a problem if the blood is too liquid at the time of a surgery? I seem to remember that there was a discussion on that topic on this forum.”

Re:Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: udaya kumar

July 9 2009
To my mind, I have maintained always that Arnica is not actually thinning, though it appears to us that it is thinning. Arnica purifies the blood by dissolving all the impurities in it from clots to semi solid and may be solid impurities and helps in elimination of that from the blood thereby the blood regains its most purified state which is thinner than the stale blood we have. The viscosity of the blood is almost removed and allows it a frictionless smooth travel through the veins and out. At the same time when blood becomes pure, its power to clot and power to nourish etc also is increased many times that the thin status of the blood in a way effect the clotting of the blood after a wound or an operation. In other words the thin blood is the natural form of the blood which it ought to be and does not contribute to haemophelia. In fact, it will be curative to haemophelia. This is a fine example how blood works as a medicine to see that the body maintains homeostasis. Taking Arnica before or after a surgery need not cause any worry as Arnica will do its job many times efficiently than the thick sticky, rundown engine oil like blood,. I hope that clarifies the apprehensions of Mr. Giles. With profound regards.

PS: If I spiritually allude it, the impure soul is the human soul and that soul when purified attains God (God’s Soul/the holy spirit). What is purified is Omnipotent. An impure blood is confined to boundaries, A pure blood is omnipresent in human body. There is no place where a pure  blood cannot go in the body. How to purify blood depends on our understanding and technology. One of the methods of such technology is Arnica.

Re:Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: Giles
July 9 2009
The search for truth is not always easy and it is so encouraging to see that you are taking the time to explain what are sometimes preconceived ideas.

One more thing I could add related to my experience with the Arnica Wet dose is that when I started I had a kind of “floating” headache which although tolerable bothered me for a couple of days. I wasn’t sure what it was, could it be that Arnica was getting rid of toxins in too large quantities at a time? If that is the case, might it be a good idea to suggest that people start with once a day instead of twice a day as I did? Just a suggestion.

Thanks to you,Udaya, and to Joe for helping me to explore further the benefits of Arnica.

Re:Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: Giles
July 9 2009
The search for truth is not always easy and it is so encouraging to see that you are taking the time to explain what are sometimes preconceived ideas.

One more thing I could add related to my experience with the Arnica Wet dose is that when I started I had a kind of “floating” headache which although tolerable bothered me for a couple of days. I wasn’t sure what it was, could it be that Arnica was getting rid of toxins in too large quantities at a time? If that is the case, might it be a good idea to suggest that people start with once a day instead of twice a day as I did? Just a suggestion.

Thanks to you,Udaya, and to Joe for helping me to explore further the benefits of Arnica.

Re: Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 9 2009
Dear Udaya,

I am indeed grateful for your explanation of how Arnica helps with purifying the blood which in turn makes it more effective to serve the body to function better. I have often been criticized for my devotion to Arnica which I have always tried to promote to anyone who will listen and who are desirous of enjoying a better state of health.

I am now 80 years of age and have taken Arnica daily since 1996 and I can honestly state that I owe my feeling of wellness to my daily dose which I take nightly. It is unfortunate that the classical homeopathic fraternity prefers not to accept my research on this remedy throughout the period I was closely associated with it. They are all guided by the dictum that no Homeopathic remedy may be taken on a daily basis but I have disproved their theory having done so personally if only to disprove their diktat. The results are clear and it seems to me to be a pity that I cannot physically be subjected to any tests that they may specify to prove my point. Unfortunately I do not bear the requisite qualification to pontificate on the value of Arnica in promoting a sense of well being but those who have taken it for many years at my behest have confirmed that they too enjoy the same sense of wellness that I do today at my advanced age.

In your post above you stated:
“In other words the thin blood is the natural form of the blood which it ought to be and does not contribute to haemophelia. In fact, it will be curative to haemophelia. This is a fine example how blood works as a medicine to see that the body maintains homeostasis.”

You may like to learn that I have given Arnica 6c in the Wet dose to 2 Haemophiliacs to treat their chronic ailment for which both boys originally were regular visitors to hospital whenever they were injured or bruised. I use Lachesis 200 to treat any open wound when the bleeding is arrested in about 15 minutes and the Arnica 6c taken twice daily soon dissipates any clotted blood which appears blue under the skin whenever a limb is bruised due to internal bleeding.

I am grateful to a Supreme Power that I have been chosen to be the instrument of promoting this remedy to the world through the medium of this Forum and I thank you and those who have believed me and supported my efforts to promote both Arnica and Nat Phos 6x which as you are aware I have promoted for weight loss among other ailments and diseases for which I have used it.


Re: Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 9 2009
To Giles

Your explanation for your “floating” headache is logical and very plausible and I hope that anyone who reads this thread will please take note.

Re:How Arnica reduce the Blood sugar
By: yusufpatel
July 19 2009
Dear Mr. Udaya.

I am highly impressed by reading the writeup you wrote regarding how ARNICA purifying the Blood. and it triggered in my mind if you explain how ARNICA function in reducing Blood Sugar.

Awaitng your kind reply.


Yusuf Patel

Re:Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: udaya kumar

July 19 2009
Dear Mr Yusuf Patel,

You are asking me to reveal the secret of the creation or differntiaton or evolution by asking that question. Since you have asked it, I am bound by almighty to answer you and I shall God willing, do that and I am seeking the Omnipotent to reveal me that the way it turn into words for you to read. Wherever, the science is present I shall juxtapose them for the material plane of consciousness to cognize. I shall ney retreat from my duty.

The question I had answered earier was that the basic function of Arnica is to purify the blood and therefore homeostasis. I may tell you that purification of any thing is a path towards God. So, when you ask me the queston of how the purifcaton is done, we are not swimming on the surface of the water but deep inside the ocean of knowledge and wisdom. Because the question “How” takes you to sub atomic levels of the functioning of Arnica in the body which is neither visible by microscope nor with my gross eyes but is a subject of Etherial media of “thought only” and can be presented only through phlosophy and not by Science which has reached only neurotransmitters and little beyond.

I shall venture to simplify and spread that vast fabric more systematically so that you can also relish what I see with my inner eye.

In order to enter this task, I shall take the help of science in the beginning, to show you some of the known matters on Arnica.

The primary question is what Arnica is and to identify it. It is known in different names in dffernt countries and they are :

Leopard`s Bane, European Arnica Mountain Tobacco, Wolfsbane, Mountain snuff; Arnika, Wohlverleih, Wolfsblume, Wolfstoeterin, Donnerblume, Waldblume, Bergwohlverleih, Wolverly, Fallkraut, Luzianskraut, Engel Trank; Anrique, Arnica, Tabac des Vosges, Herbe aux chutes, Souci des alpes, Betoine des Montagnes; The Arnika, Val-kruid, Groot Luciaen-kruid; Fibler; Arnica, Tobaco de Montana; Arnica; Dagtutunu. Doronicum plantaginis, D. oppositifolium, D. Austriacum quartum, Ptarmica montana, Panacea lapsorum, Nardus celtica altera, Chrysanthemum latifolium, Alisma/Caltha alpina.

We have many many kinds of Arnica and some of them are being used in homeopathy. The one we are using is Arnica Montana or “of the mountains”. Few others may be identified as under:

A.Acaulis,A.Alpina. A amplexicaulis Nutt. A angustifolia Vahl Arnica cernua. A.chamissonis Less. A. chamissonis subsp.A.Ciliata, A.cordifolia Hook.A.Cornopifolia, A.Crocea. A.dealbata Baldwin, A.discoidea Benth. A. X diversifolia,A.doronicum, A. frigida, A.Foliosa Nutt., A. fulgens, A.Gerbera,A gracilis Rydb. A griscomii Fernald, A. Japonica, A lanceolata Nutt. A lanceolata subsp. A lanceolata subsp. A latifolia Bong. Arnica lessingii A lessingii subsp.A. Longifolia Eaton, A lonchophylla Greene A lonchophylla subsp. A lonchophylla subsp. A longifolia D.C. Eat. A louiseana Farr A mallotopus, A. Mariatima, A mollis Hook. A montana L. A nevadensis Gray, A Oporina, A ovata Greene, A. Palmata, A parryi Gray, A. Philoselloides, A rydbergii Greene A sachalinensis A sororia Greene A spathulata, A Scorpioides, Arnica unalaschcensis Less. A venosa, A Whitneyi Fern.

Our next step should be to find out what it contains. What are its effects and where are its effects and why are those effects. o my mind, fundamentally what we should keep in mind when we venture that is, that anything with “INE” as the last letters should be known to derive from  the Gross Element Ether. And you will see that Arnica has basically abundance of these derivatives.

flavonoid glycosides: Flavonoids betuletol, eupafolin, flavonol glucuronides, hispidulin, isorhamnetin, luteolin,
patuletin, spinacetin, tricin, trihydroxy,trimethoxyflavone, kaempferol, quercetin, kaempferol and quercetin derivative, jaceosidin, pectolin-arigenin.Isomeric alcohols including arnidiol and foradiol.

Terpenoids: arnifolin, arnicolide, and sesquiterpenes
(eg, helenalin and helenalin derivatives, dihydrohelenalin).
The pseudoguaianolide ester helenalin methacrylate has been isolated from the flowers.

Amines present in the plant are betaine, choline, and trimethylamine. Coumarins include scopoletin and umbelliferone.

Carbohydrates such as mucilage and polysaccharides (eg, inulin) are found in arnica. Two homogeneous polysaccharides include an acidic arabino-galactan-protein and a neutral fucogalactoxyloglucan. Further polysaccharide isolation has been performed on a group of water-soluble acidic heteroglycans. Volatile oils could be obtained from rhizomes and roots or from flower parts and are used in perfumery.

Oils include thymol, its derivatives, and fatty acids like palmitic, linoleic, myristic, linolenic


arnicin, – a bitter resin
caffeic acid, -Caffeic acid has been shown to act as a carcinogenic inhibitor. It is also known as an antioxidant
carotenoids (alpha- and beta-carotene,)works towards production of vitamin and therefore area of function is eyes.
cryptoxanthin, lutein,-vitamin A percursor and provitamin A.cryptoxanthin is an antioxidant and may help prevent free radical damage to cells and DNA, as well as stimulate the repair of oxidative damage to DNA.

An inverse association between Beta -cryptoxanthin and lung cancer risk is said to be found in several observational epidemiological studies. This would suggest that -cryptoxanthin could potentially act as a chemopreventive agent against lung cancer. Inverse associations becomes striaght association when the medicine is potentised AND USED IN HOMEOPATHY.Therefore, Beta-Cryptoxanthin could become curative in lung cancer when potentised and through use of Arnica which contains this.

Basically what all these points towards is one thumb rule. That is what is carcinogenic is autointoxifying and what is antitoxifying is anti-carcinogenic and since the ingredient in Arnica called Beta Cryptosanthine and Caffeic Acid etc. are anti-carcinogenic, Arnica itself should be considered as anticarcinogenica and therefore anti-toxifying or detoxifying agent which exactly is what it is doing. It works against auto intoxication by purification of the blood which is demonstrated more clearly through Phytosterols below:


The main health concern from phytosterols are atherosclerosis and the vulnerable plaques which produce heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events. Phytosterols can promote atherosclerosis, particularly in susceptible individuals. Sterols can accumulate in heart valves, suggesting that dietary sterols might increase the risk of aortic valve stenosis. carotid atherosclerotic plaque. Phytosterols have cholesterol-lowering properties (reducing cholesterol absorption in intestines) Phytosterols occur naturally in small quantities in vegetable oils, especially sea buckthorn oil, corn oil, and soybean oil. One such phytosterol complex, isolated from vegetable oil, is cholestatin, composed of campesterol, stigmasterol, and brassicasterol, Sterols can reduce cholesterol in human subjects by 10% to 15%.

The mechanism behind phytosterols and the lowering of cholesterol occurs as follows: the incorporation of cholesterol into micelles in the gastrointestinal tract is inhibited, decreasing the overall amount of cholesterol absorbed This may in turn help to control body total cholesterol levels, as well as modify HDL, LDL and TAG levels. Many margarines, butters, breakfast cereals and spreads are now enriched with phytosterols and marketed towards people wishing to lower their cholesterol levels.

And look at the normal side effects of Arnica in clinical doses: It is considered as irritating to mucuous membranes,
causes stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. Contact dermatitis. Eczema, Toxic effects:gastroenteritis, dyspnea, cardiac arrest, death. Why a poison like cobra poison and Potassium cyanide is an excellent medicine in homeopathy in the form of Lachesis and Kali cyanatum respectively may be a mystery for some. But it is very simple, the procedure of dilution or potentisation removes the toxicity in the toxins and convert it completely into medicines. This is the reason why when any toxic item is made into a medicine in allopathy have side effects and the same medicines do not have side effects in homeopathy. One more thumb rule is that all substances which are toxic contains Ether, and they work exactly opposite to what their crude form would do to the human body. THAT IS IF IT IS A POISON, WHEN CONVERTED TO HOMEOPATHIC DOSES WILL WORK AS MEDICINE. If they are less toxic to the effect of creating diarrhea, the potentised form will cure diarrhea. Applying that fundamental homeopathic principles here arnica will cure irritations in mucuous membranes, remove stomach pain, remove diarrhea, remove vomiting, remove contact dermatitis, remove eczema, remove gastroentritis, remove dyspnea, remove cardiac arrest (Arnica one should remember is the best first aid medicine in a situation of Cardiac Arrest and I would say if you keep one dose of Arnica 200 in your pocket and you are a heart patient suspecting cardiac arrest, the possibility are that you will survive the massive of the heart attacks by using a single dose and curative too within a single dose is a just a marvel).

Resin: RESIN SHOULD BE READ AS RESINE. And the following facts be remembered:

1. Whatever ends in “INE”, IN and ANE(by error or ignorance),should be understood as an alkaloid. And should be understood
as a derivative of Ether.

2. Whever is a derivative of Ether will not be soluble in water and will be soluble in Alcohols, Acetone and Ethers.

3. Derivative of Ther will have polydedronic strcture or Hexagonal in structure. it will contain the basic element

4. All Etheric substance will have magnetic, electric, oxidative, sublimative, Amberic and similar qualities. They mostly
appeal to sense of sight as colour, sense of smell as fragrance(at variance with smell), tongue as taste, ear as music
(at variance with noise and sound) etc.

5. All ether derivative substances will have perfume or fragrance value and will contain Esters. They are all
self-fragranced. They will have low molecular weight.

There are too many other properties and attributes to Ether which I am not touching upon here as not being relevant.

If a body is purfied to Etheric perfection, it will give out fragrance from the body. The secret of the Krishna Mriga(The Musk deer is such an example and the secret of a fragrance in the air when a holy man crosses our path is yet another example). The more the Etheric purity is contained in a substance the more fragrant the substance will become. ( One method by which a human being can achieve this by a rationalist  approach is by doing Raja Yoga or to be precise by doing Paschimothasana the Siddhi of which is frangrance to the body.) And the less the purity in Etheric contents in the body the more stale and fetid the fragrance turns into and which is defined by us as smeel, stink etc. according to the level of intensity of the smell the level of intensity of impurity or putrification can be gauged. Invariably it means that what putrifies have no Etheric contents in it. i.e. Impurity of Ether (we call the same ether as life force in homeopathy) is the diseased condition and the purity of ether is the healthy condition. The idea of using Fragrance like Agarbatties in ebulition to the God whether it be in a Greek Orthodox church or southindian house where Kundurukkam (Ajakarna, Chagakarna, Dhupa, Kundura, Mandadhupa, Marichapatraka, Pitaphada, Salah, Sarja, Sarjah, Sarjaka, Sarjarasa, Shala, Svetasarja
Kahruba, Safed damar, Sageddamar, Sandras, Guggul, Kahruba-i-shamai-saida, Kahruba-i-shamai mahlul, White dammar, Piney varnish, Dhupa fat, Malabar tallow Bilagaggala,Dhupada, Dhupadamara, Hugadamara, Maddidhupa, Paenoe, Painipasha, Pantam, Payana, Payani, Perumpayani, Telli, Vella-kondrikam, Vella-kundurukkam Ral, Chandrusa, Dhoop, Salaadeek, Dhup Mandadhupa
Attam, Kukkil, Kukkulu, Sadagulai, Vellaidamar) is used or at Ajmer Sharif where Agarbatti fragrance is used or a hindu houshold where dhup is used while praying for the almighty, the purpose is the same that the frangrance in ebulition to God emanates from these principles of purity is fragrance and impurity of Ether is smell putrification, death. Thus it is also conceived that the best frangrant flowers are dearer to the God and most fragrant leaves like Basil are sacred to rituals. Similarly by using fragrant items in the food intake, the pufification of the ether in the body is increased. Thus human body increases its health through sense of smell and that the basic principle which works in the whole system of Aroma Therapy. Jus like we eat food and nourish the element Earth in the body (i.e. body itself), in the same way Ether is nourished by sense of smell is nourished by Aromatherapy and through sense of hearing by music therapy. They report to various parts of the mind where tranquility, pleasantness, releiving stress, happiness, etc. are produced which penetrates and infiltrate into the body just like electric current gets earthed in earth, to create a sense of well being away from the destruction that the anger would have caused if it was replaced by tranquility and peace of mind.

Having said that let me come back to the subject Resin. Resin is a hydrocarbon secretion of the plants. Hydrocarbons are the origin to Organic Chemistry. So Resins may be viewed as visible Ether, a visible primordial element, a visible sign of the first life. Just as we see the breathing and consider it as a visible sign of life a visible sign of the function of the Gross element Air inside the body, we must look at Resin as an emobodiment of Ether and visibly seen by us. It is a visible view of Ether, the groos element in one of its metamorphic forms just like we see water in its metamorphic form of ice or clouds. Just like Ether is seen in the form of Alcohol, or Petrol or Benzene form. Same as the Ether is tfelt and smelt as the perfume in every flower and in the fragrance of every flower. This smell or fragrance is cognized by our senses because the counterpart of that Ether is within us within the smelling power of the human beings which contributes and is responsible for our smelling power of the nose and it differentiates, assimilates and identifies its counterpart and that is what we call as I AM SMELLING THIS OR THAT. Mouth is a grosser sense than the sense of sight, hearing or smell. That is because what is eaten through the mouth needs a grinder in the mouth and then it needs a fire and couldron in the stomach to cook it and then only it can assimilate, which means they are gross in nature and needs to be converted to finer elements so that Ether can assimilate it. Whereas in the sense of sight which sees colours is already in a finer etherial abstract form and can be taken in without assimilation except the eyes have to analyse it before storage or retrieval.

From foregoing, I might have clarified to some extent that what contains Ester tends towards detoxification because it is in the real nature of Ester to be fragrant and therefore Etheric in nature, and that which do not contain Ester or fragrance tends towards toxification. Esters are sometimes shown as acidic derivatives which is a wrong classification and should be corrected if we go by philosophy, and should be nomenclatured differently and not as Esters. Asll Esters should be Etheric in origin if not they will not be bearing fragrance. What has derived from Ether will have “YL” as its ending, like Allyl, Benzyl, Butyl, Bomyl, Ethyl, Geranyl, Isopropyl, Isotutl, Linalyl, Methyl, Nonyl, Octyl, Pentyl, Propyl, Terponyl, depeding on its structure in an Icosohedron or dodecohedron or any other polyhedronal patterns.

I shalll venture upon furthering this topic in my next part as completion of this subject and a conclusion can be arrived only after each and every constituent of Arnica is analysed one after the other and I see it as climbing himalayas. Great remedies are great because of thier omnipotency or the Ether contents are quite high. And the nature of God is indescribable. with regards.

Re: Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 20 2009
Dear Udaya,

I am simply amazed at the depth of your knowledge in your thesis on Arnica. With your permission I have copied it into my thread “Arnica the Miracle Remedy” on:

I shall await the conclusion of your article on how Arnica helps to reduce Blood Sugar levels as the information now available on the link above will be useful to anyone who seeks more information on how Arnica helps the human body to a better state of wellness, proof of which I can testify to at my advanced age of 80 years.

Warm Regards


Re: Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 20 2009
Udaya’s treatise on Arnica continued:

Re:Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: udaya kumar

July 20 2009
Dear Joe,

Thank you for the kind words. It not only amazes you but me too, when the analysis of this one medicine is drawing me into so much of astonishing revelations for which I am becoming instrumental. Gods ways are great. I shall now start from the Constituents one after the other:


Glycosides are certain molecules in which a sugar part is bond to some other parts. Poisons are often bound to sugar molecules in order to remove them from body . This can be one reason why conventional doctors sometimes are not worried about glucose or sugar in urine because it is in someway a body’s method or expelling the toxins by covering it in glycosides which gets dissolved in urine and expelled. This differentiates to some extent the Diabetis insipides from Diabetis Mellitus. The Salcin presence in Glucosides and in Arnica turns into Salicylic acid on contact with water and is an alcoholic glycoside due to presence of ether in Arnica, and therefore is of analgesic, antipyretic value. This salicylic acid which is a natural presence at variance with ingestion of salicylic acid in medicinal forms by conventional system; causes no digestive upsets and infact corrects digestive upset. This infact is a virgin form of salicylic acid which is beneficial to body in many ways including removal of the antagonism in natural flaura and fauna like H.Pylori in the guts to do their natural functions rather than antagonistic functions of creating ulcers in the presence of acids. Acids in artificial form does not contain the etherial element but contain the earth element and therefore are fundamentally acidic and cannot be tolerated by living gut flaura and fauna, which are antagonised to become enemies of the body.

1. Flavanoid Glycosides:

Flavanoid glycosides include
1. Hesperidin/Hesperietin
2. Naringin
3. Rutin
4. Quercitin
5. Naringenin
6. Quercetin(Rutinose)
7. Quercetin (Rhamnose).

Hesperdin – is a flavanone(flavinoid) glucoside. It is found in large quantities in Citrus fruits and also found in Arnica. It is an antioxident and contribute to the integrity of blood vessels. It reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, loss of bone density. It is anti-inflammatory, sedative. As I said earlier, it is ending in ‘IN”/”INE” and therefore have ether content in it at a larger proportion. In other words it is a spiritual plant. The plants can also be devided into material and spiritual according to the extent of the gross elements molecules contained in it. Those which contains more molecules of ether which are more medicinal, more bitter are more spiritual plants. This is one reason why the ancients have been admiring and worhsipping plants like Basil, Neam, Pine, Peepal, Banyan, Nux, (they say Athi(Ficus Recemoga), Ithi(Ficus Microcarpa), Kanjiram(Strichnos Nux Vomica ) are the major ayurvedic trees and trees to be reckoned with and one should understand each of these trees are astronomically and astologically connected with each individual as as per their Nakshtra where Athi is for the third Nakshatra Karthika, Ithi is for Uthradam and Kanjiram for Ashwati the first star in the astrological chart, ( a complete list of 28 Nakshatras(stars) with their respective trees can be provided)). Coming back to the subject, going by the sedative aspect and the property of Hesperdin proved scientifically, it has an affinity to Opoid or Adenosine receptors.

Let us see waht these Hesperdin in Arnica do to the Adenosine receptors.
Human beings have four adenosine receptors; A1 and A2a plays their role in the heart. They regulate the myocardial oxygen consumption and  coronary blood flow. A2a receptors have also broader anti inflammatory functions throughout the body. This itself explains the arnicas function  as antiinflmmatory agent all over the body, and its great functions in anticloaging, as a dissolvent in blood, as an anti myocardial infarction first aid, and great regulator of blood flow, of particular help in heart ailments and rheumatoid arthritis. The two receptors have a role in release of dopamine and glutamate by regulating other neurotransmitters in the head and therefore we can safely use as a medicine which will do all the benefits what a Dopamine, and Heparin does in conventional medicinal system minus their side effects because, the Hesperdin in Arnica is doing it naturally by boosting the natural release of hesperdin in the body and improving the life force which is the Ether content and its derivatives in Arnica as I have mentioned earlier which in itself is the life force in the medicine acting with the life force in the body. You can see that the most of the present day ailments we call as autism, gluton allergy, Petit Mal and diskenesias are fundamentally the irregular functioning of the dopamine and glutamate and their receptors and synapse where Arnica reaches naturally and correct.

A2 and A3 are the other receptors where Hesperdin has a role. And they are involved peripherally in the process of regulating inflammation and immune responses. Evidently, the Hesperdin present in Arnica is boosting these areas of life force in the body. These are their desgnated reporting centres. Regulating Adnosis receptors through arnica is a natural way of pacifying Tachycardia. Hesperidin also has the ability to penetrate blood brain barrier. (only Ether content in any substance will have the potential to penetrate Blood Brain Barrier which may be equated to Brahmarandra in Kunadlini Yoga). Therefore the ether content in the medicines of spiritual nature is confirmed here.

2. NARINGIN: Naringin is bitter in taste – it has the property of lowering the lipids, and anti-cancer activities.

3. RUTIN : Rutin in Arnica gives the same effect as Ruta Graviolensis which also contains abundance of Rutin. Apart from that, Rutin can attach and Iron ion FE2+ preventing Iron from binding with hydrogen peroxide and thereby preventing damage to the Cells in the body. Which is anti cancerous in its activities.





How Sorbitol can produce hexane could be discussed seperately. But its production of Hexane would lead to wonderful revelations. Many mysteries can be solved here.

Hexane : Structure of Hexane is CH3 (CH2)4 CH3 or C6H14 or CH3CH2CH2CH2CH3 which is quite interesting keeping in view that a rocket fuel has to be high content in lkanes, alkenes and alkynes or Hexanes which are all derivatives of Ether. We can very well see that the structure of Hexane is fully a Hydrocarbon structure which is also the basic structure of the origin of Organic Chemistry and that of all living and non living beings and the atomosphere even. This accounts for the belief, the theories and the scietific proving which I am attempting here that Ether is God and God is omnipresent and Ether or Hydrocarbons are the basic structure of the macrocosm and the microcosm that is the outside world and the small world inside us. They are the basic structures on which everything in the world has differentiated and existed. The purer the form the higher their place from earth, the impurer the form the lower their place on earth. Impure and pure are in terms of Etheric purity and impurity. Essentially all that is of Tamsic or Inertia in nature are fundamentally situated on the the lowest point on earth. Human beings who sleep is more inertia than the one who is standing. The human being who can fly have less inertia than the one who can stand(precluding aeroplanes where the ether is used in fuel form to fly). Ether in fuel form is more purer than ether within us as inertic form or unpure form. In other words, we exist on the surface of the earth because of inertia, because of the evils. The dualism is a wonderful aspect. We always tried to good and away from the evil. But there is a greatness in evil. Evil is what make us exist on the surface of the Earth planet. Evil is the superlative to impurity. When evil becomes the worst kind it kills the body and permanently settle it on to the earth. When evil is impure it allow us to live and exist on the surface of Earth. If the evil is purified and becomes as pure as the God which is its source, it can no more exist on the surface of the earth and it will leave the earth as it cannot stay in separation from source and that if it leaves the earth with body it is called resurruction, and if it leaves without body it is called moksha, salvation, redemption, going to heaven and that kind of phrases.

You can watch and observe these properties in the lower kind of elements like air, water, etc. The impurities in water will settle on the bottom, the impure air will settle down on the lowest points on earth, the impure air in the body escapes through the bottom and the like. If there is more Apana Vayu (impure air) than Udana Vayu (purer pranic air) then it will go downwards and if there is more prana vayu than apana vayu then it goes upwards through the mouth as belching, burping and the like.

Air becomes purer when they are treated by the fire,(we should remember here that fire differentiated from air) therefore an acidic stomach sends the air upwards with constipation and stopping the air flow downwards and release where as when fire is dull it moves downwards, causing loose motion and downward movements of air.

Quercitin: Quercitin is valuable in sarcoidosis, asthma and glucose absorption in obesity and diabetes. It has a good effect as an anti-inflammatory agent and positive as a detoxifyer to prevent cancer, prostatitis, heart disease, cataracts, allergies/inflammations, and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. While the conventional medicines stop at the brink due to the toxins present in it giving side effects because of the presence of ether and its derivatives, it is easier for us because we potentise and remove the toxic effects of ether. It also has been claimed to have antidepressant properties, and a great reliever in neurological diseases because the very neurotoxin present in it as ether is converted to a neuro-medicine due to homeopathic potentisation.

Naringenin: It is considered a antioxidant, free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, a promoter of carbohydrate metabolism, and immune system modulator. It has great tasks in the body and we find such properties in Grape fruit again a bitter sweet fruit and therefore abundant in Ether content.

Quercetin: Quercetin is promoted as great anti-cancer agent. What is an anti cancer agent? An anti-cancer agent is the one that can detoxify the body. Cancer is the inability of the body and the lymphatic glands to throw out the toxins from the body and keep in clean and neat. Most of  the time the cancer is brought in by the medicinal system that works against the functioning of the body. I have said it many times that the function of human body and homestasis can be achieved only by centrifugal function. i.e. when the chakras or the energy centres in the body acre activated, centrifugal forces are created by way of which the body is able to throw out the dirts to the surface of the body, which is skin. This can be initially frusterating for the body, but when the pure body is achieved and the skin has become clear as marble,. then the body is sound and healthy and thereafter only preventive measures like food abundant in Ether,Less of Air and lesser than that of Fire, much lesser of water Water and least of Earth content should be consumed and that was what was called by our Saints and Maharishis as Satvik food. The Pathyas (dietary restrictions ) in Ayurveda right from the Charakas and Sushruthas time have abundantly cautioned humanity on these subjects  which were neglected with the onslaught of superior medicinal and food tendencies which are more in Gross Element Earth, lesser of Water, lesser more of Fire, near to least Air, and least of Ether is the order of the day. Therefore the body has become more earthyly. i,e,. Body is unhealthy, evil, putrified, disease ridden, none of the energy centres are working, all devinity in humanity is lost with no hope of redemption.

I have only finished one single constituent of Arnica. It should be miles before I can rest I presume. Should we continue the Journey, Yousuf? Joe? I need rest.
With warm regards

Re:Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
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July 20 2009
Trees associated with Stars (Janma Nakshatra) or time of birth of each individual are 27 in numbers corresponding to the 27 stars are as under:
Star Tree
1. Aswathi-Kanjiram
(Strychnos Nux Vomica)
2. Bharani-Nelli
(Emblica Officianalis)
3. Karthika-Athi
(Ficus Recemosa)
4. Rohini-Njaval
(Zizygium Cumunii)
5. Makayiram-Karingali
(Accacia Catachu)
6. Thiruvathira-Karimaram
(Diospyros Ebenum)
7. Punartham- mula
(Bambusa Bambos)
8. Pooyam-Arayal-peepal
(Ficus Religiosa)
9. Aayilyam-Naakam
(Messua Nagassarium)
10. Makam-Peral
(Banyan tree)
11. Pooram-Chamatha
(butea monosperma)
12. Uthradam-itthi
(ficus microcarpa)
13. Atham-Ambazham
(spondia spinneta)
14. Chithira-Koovalam
(aegle marmelos)
15. Chothi-neermaruthu
(Terminalia arjuna)
16. Vishakham-vayyankatha
(Flacourtia montana)
17. Anizham-Elanji
(Mimusops elengi)
18. Thrikketta-Vetti
(Aporoba lyndleyna)
19. Moolam-vellapine
(Vatoria Indica)
20. Pooradam-Vaanchi
(Ochreinauclea Missionis)
21. Uthradam-Plaavu
(Artocarpus heterophyllus )
22. Thiruvonam-Erukku
(Calotropis gigantea)
23. Avittam-Vanni
(Prosopis spicigera )
24. Chathayam-Kadambu
(Neolamarckia cadamba (Roxb.)
Bosser. )
25. Pooruruttathi-Mavu
(Mangifera indica Linn.)
26. Uthruttathi- Neem
(Azadirachta inaica A.Juss)
27. Revathi- ilippa
(Madhuca Nerifolia)

Most of them are considered sacred for their medicinal values and life giving qualities. Even Gautama the Budha had his enlightenment under one of the trees above. Growing of the tree pertaining to the stars is considered good and auspicious for each individual. With best wishes.

Re: Evidence that Arnica thins the Blood
By: Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
July 20 2009
Dear Udaya,

Thank you for all that wealth of information on Arnica that you are recording on our Forum. I must admit that some of the information is very new to me as my association with Science was what I did in the course of my studies of Medicine and Homeopathy which I did on my own in my later years. I do wish that I had done Science during my studies as it would have helped me to better understand your trend of thought and also helped me today in my Homeopathy. However I feel that if I had qualified in Medicine which would have enabled me to using it to further my gift of healing, I may have as a doctor viewed Homeopathy with suspicion, which would have precluded me from the serendipitous discovery of the Miracle of Arnica.

Please be assured that we await your future articles on Arnica as they only emphasize the valuable contribution that you are sharing with members which I feel would eventually benefit the world. It is my hope that we can jointly succeed in promoting Arnica, which I have proved to be a valuable remedy to help people who suffer from various ailments, to the world of science and medicine and thereby emable them (the patients) to avoid total dependence on drugs to cure their various ailments like Diabetes, Angina and many others I have listed in my article “Arnica the Miracle Remedy” .


Re:Arnica the Miracle Remedy — Case Records
By: leesamarie
September 4 2010

I know this post is old but maybe you could answer a question about the Arnica.

I read your post about Arnica lowering blood sugar in diabetics. My blood sugar gets low if I don’t eat, I get shaky, etc. Will Arnica make this worse or does it only have an effect if the blood sugar is too high?

I am having some issues with anxiety and I would like to try Arnica along with some other homeopathy I am trying for anxiety, but if it causes my blood sugar to go too low it obviously isn’t going to help.

Thank you!

It is obvious that you must keep your BS level at normal levels by eating something like a biscuit or a banana to ensure that you do not run out of Carbs which are essential to keep you active.

Arnica cannot lower your BS level in the case of a person like you. It will only do so if you have Diabetes.

Your anxiety problems cannot be addressed by Arnica. If you give me more data to work on, I believe I can help.




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