- Can Ciprofloxacin 500 Mg Be Used To Treat Throat Infections

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Ciprofloxacin hcl 500mg taran

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jackie 1971 Says:
Sun, Jul 31 '11, 12:55 PM


if my throat is sore and itchy and coughing up phlem can i use this medication to treat it as a preventive for a full blown chest infecton or strep throat

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David Says:
Mon, Aug 01 '11, 3:02 PM


Yes, you can. Ciprofloxacin is used to treat a number of infections including: infections of bones and joints, endocarditis, gastroenteritis, malignant otitis externa, RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTIONS, cellulitis, urinary tract infections, prostatitis, anthrax, chancroid, among others.

For more information about this drug, please refer to the link below...

If you have any more questions or concerns, please post back and I will be happy to help you.


Judhy Says:
Fri, Oct ciprofloxacin hcl 500mg taran 05 '12, 4:49 PM


I took Claritin last few days, because i thought i got allergic. but is not working, I got Ciprocyn 500 mg, how many time the dosage?,my problem now I have a lot of mucus on my throt, it cause me coughing so bad.


Wang Says:
Wed, Oct 17 '12, 10:28 AM


when the medicine was prescribed for 1en days and with no refills. The medicine continues its treatment functions beyond the end of prescription. How can I terminate its actions when its treatments seem enough. Thin blood, head spin, etc. bothers me as well as I feel uneasy if its effects my body for ever. Thank You very much.


BenRS Says:
Sun, Dec 09 '12, 9:05 PM


I had bad sore throat 5 days ago, after taking 2 1/2 days medication, 500 mg Ciprofloxacin every 12 hrs as prescribe, it went away. I think I made a mistake not completing the course.. My infection started again last night, now I'm back again on the medication which can last me another couple of days.... Will it help or should i get more from the local pharmacy.?.. Anyone? Thanks...


mary Says:
Mon, Dec 24 '12, 1:10 AM


will a course of ciprofloxacin 250 irradicate a strep throat?


pharmakay Says:
Thu, Nov 28 '13, 2:11 PM


Although not helpful to you anymore BenRS, when you initiate taking antibiotics, it is only effective if you take it as presecribed. E.g. Ciprofloxacin 500mg is usually prescribed BID (Twice Daily) with plenty of water while taking this medication, and to be taken usually for 5-7 days. If you had only taken half of what was recommended, then you may have re-attack of infection. The best course of action would be to consult a physician and get a new prescription of possibly an new medication. And this time use it for the whole time period recommended.


tanya Says:
Sat, Apr 12 '14, 6:21 PM


So can I give my 11 year old son ciprofloxacn 500mg for his throat


Tai Says:
Thu, Apr 24 '14, 9:37 PM via mobile


Half of it if he is atleast 110....IT DNT WORK IF U DNT DRINK ALOT OF WATER. GOOD LUCK SUGA


san Says:
Tue, Apr 29 '14, 6:39 PM


Don't give this medicine for minor infections as it is known to damage tendons.


Jane Says:
Sat, Jul 26 '14, 5:02 PM via mobile


I have had a cough for a month already and now developed choking in the middle of the night. My doc prescribed me ciproflixacin 500 plus a pill to treat gerd. Will this help? This had been really frightened.


kmap Says:
Wed, Nov 12 '14, 10:40 AM via mobile


For a cough nothing beats prescription cough syrup with codeine, try to stay away from the Antibiotics no matter what kind, while on them your body may kill your cough or strep throat but you build up a tolerance to Antibiotics & Bam all of a sudden they don't work anymore, your body gets immune to Antibiotics & the problem mutates to withstand Antibiotics, that's why Doctors are recommended not to give Antibiotics for minor stuff like a cold or sore throat.. Hope that helps


Rita Says:
Sat, Dec 27 '14, 11:46 AM


I am 60 yrs old, female. Came on board a cruise ship with my family. My son and grandson had coughs, my grandson had a low grade fever. 2 days ago, I caught it from him in spite of precautions. All I have is symptomatic relief medications for my sore throat, cough, low grade fever, sinus pain,chills and body ache. I do have some ciproflaxin and amoxicillin what can I take..


Sammy Says:
Thu, Jan 01 '15, 9:23 AM


Sore throat,with white spots on back of throat,swollen glands,low grade fever,cough


val Says:
Sun, Jan 04 '15, 10:55 AM


I have a swollen tonsils, scratchy painful sore throat mild ear ache. i started with a scratchy throat for 10 days at night time before. should i take antibiotics? is Ciproflaxacin 500 mg twice a day for 7 days is going to help in that case? I have a flight in several days and i am afraid to have ear ache exacerbation on the plane. What would be your recommendation?


Jenny Says:
Tue, Apr 28 '15, 12:59 AM


If Ciprofloxacin HCL 500 MG is from 4/18/13 is it still good to take?


slv Says:
Wed, May 06 '15, 8:40 AM


YOU ARE THE REASON THEIR ARE ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT DISEASES THAT ARE KILLING PEOPLE!!!!! Don't you read about this stuff? Use this as a teaching opportunity, tell everyone you know how important it is to complete the course, and why. It doesn't just effect you, it allows the bacteria to mutate so the drug won't work for the next person.


diana Says:
Wed, Jun 10 '15, 12:37 PM via mobile


No, you can not. Cipro is contraindicated for childred as it can affect growth plates


Tofu Says:
Wed, Sep 09 '15, 3:02 PM


A body doesn't get immune to antibiotics.....bacteria do.


Big John Says:
Fri, Oct 02 '15, 10:36 AM


I'm allergic to every antibiotic known to man. I've had a bloody mouth from taking ciprofloaxin, and a hole wants to form in the middle of the bone in the middle of my nose. I have found that taking 2 bendryls About 10 minutes ahead of a ciprofloaxin makes it possible to take this medicine without any side effects, just have to take one while still on the medication period. You will notice drowsiness. I,m taking it for strepthroat now have taken it for urinary tract problems in the past!


Mo Says:
Fri, Oct 16 '15, 2:28 AM


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