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I am super stoked to be sharing this particular post with you!  Not only does it fall into our natural/home remedies series, but it provides information about an OTC treatment option for urinary tract infections (UTIs).

I cannot begin to tell you how many patients approach me with discomfort written all over their faces, looking for a way to rid their bodies of the ingwertropfen dr muches dosierung ciprofloxacin classic symptoms of a UTI.  Upon conversation with a good friend of mine, I became introduced to a very decent natural remedy that helps prevent AND treat UTIs.

The natural supplement name: D-Mannose!

What is D-Mannose?

It’s simply a sugar that is similar to glucose (a component of table sugar) and a natural substance found in our bodies, particularly in the urine.

How does D-Mannose work to treat or prevent UTIs?

D-Mannose passes through our bodies mostly unchanged, with the rest being excreted into the urine.  When it reaches the walls of the urinary tract, the D-Mannose molecules attach to certain target spots that would normally be occupied by the bacteria causing the UTI.  In other words, the D-Mannose molecules remove the bacteria from their target spots, which helps clear up the bacterial infection.  The displaced bacteria is washed out of the body by our urine.  

D-Mannose also appears to prevent the bacteria from attaching to their targets, which in turn, helps to keep the infection from occurring in the first place.

The catch is that D-Mannose seems to only work for the E. coli bacteria; there are several types of bacteria that cause a UTI.  The good news is that E. coli causes a majority (about 80-85%) of the cases of urinary tract infections.  If D-Mannose does not seem to be working for you, then you can assume that your UTI may be caused by a non-E. coli bacteria and an alternative treatment option should be considered.

What is the recommended dosage for D-Mannose?

The simple sugar is available on the market as a capsule and powder.

A typcial dosing regimen to treat a UTI using the powder would be one teaspoon dissolved in a liquid and taken every 3 to 4 hours for 2 to 3 days.

To prevent a UTI, a common guideline is to dissolve one teaspoon of powder in a liquid and drink it up once a day!   

The capsule form may have directions like: take one to two capsules by mouth twice a day with water.

NOTE: These directions are going to vary from person to person and on the product that is purchased!

Is it okay to take D-Mannose if you have diabetes?

It sure is!  I know, sounds funny because it is a natural sugar, but because D-Mannose pretty much goes straight to your urinary tract (unlike glucose, which is metabolized), it will not affect your blood sugar levels.

Since D-Mannose is not regulated by the FDA, is it safe to take?

So far, it appears that D-Mannose is a safe alternative to your traditional antibiotics.  A couple of side effects include loose stools and bloating.

Please do remember that since it is a supplement and not regulated by the FDA, the product may contain significantly more or less of the active ingredient per dose than what is listed on the product label!

Where can I find D-Mannose?

Since D-Mannose is pretty much an unknown entity in the world of pharmacy or traditional medicine, it may be difficult to find.  If you’re lucky, you may find it at a health food store, but your best bet is to locate it online!

That just about wraps it up!  Just be cautious when trying to self-treat a UTI.  It may still be in your best interest to take a trip to your doctor’s office -keep that in mind anyway.

I would love to hear about your experience with D-Mannose.  Definitely leave a comment below to share your thoughts!  Yup, you can always e-mail me at too!

And just as a side note, we put together a video course that will guide you through the many ways you can save money on your prescription meds.  The best part is it’s absolutely free, and the second best part it’s instantly accessible!  Enjoy!


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