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Prostatitis cipro not working

Post Cholecystectomy Syndrome and Diet

Post cholecystectomy syndrome is a "preliminary diagnosis" with multiple possible causes. In some cases, the symptoms may be either caused by or treated by diet. Following the post cholecystectomy diet recommended by doctors is important to help prevent post cholecystectomy syndrome symptoms.

Good post cholecystectomy foods include beets, cucumbers, okra, sweet potatoes, avocados, acidic foods, and foods high prostatitis cipro not working in Omega-3 fatty acids. Foods to be avoided after gallbladder surgery include trans fats, saturated fats, dairy, eggs, coffee and black tea, most fruit juices, alcohol, chocolate, cabbage, and radishes. (Graefer 2007)

According to one study (Porr et al. 2004), some cases of post cholecystectomy syndrome are caused by magnesium deficiency. In the study, these patients' symptoms were relieved by magnesium supplementation. Foods high in magnesium may be beneficial when incorporated into the post cholecystectomy syndrome diet. Many high-magnesium foods, unfortunately, are on the list of foods to be avoided post cholecystectomy, but some good choices include avocado, brown rice, and especially halibut and spinach (National Institutes of Health).

If post cholecystectomy syndrome symptoms are experienced, the patient should always start by telling his or her doctors and following their directions. However, a proper post cholecystectomy syndrome diet can help reduce or prevent symptoms for some patients. And as long as the person continues to eat a variety of foods, following a proper post cholecystectomy diet certainly cannot do any harm.


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